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Ying Ang

how impressive is @impressivedumplings ?! i say pretty impressive!!🤩🤤wow, what an experience, we ordered:- 🌈 rainbow dumplings: perfect dish for those who want a little of everything! all the colours are natural too! made from carrot juice, spinach juice and squid ink!~ all dumplings were so juicy and tender🤤✨ pork and chive: super delicious and flavorful~ the staple filling in many dumplings!🖤cuttlefish: a very interesting and unique flavor!! never seen this one before and was a pleasant surprise and tasted really nice! lovely seafood flavor!🤤💚vegetarian: wow honestly this was surprisingly my favorite! this flavor in this wow, you need to try it out for yourself!🤩❤️beef and onion: very flavorful but wasn’t my type of dumpling~💛prawn and pork: adding a little seafood twist to the original dumpling flavor! really nice~🤩🧡chicken and corn: super delicious too!- 🌶 spicy dressing cuttlefish dumplings: love a little kick of spice onto the seafoody dumplings~ beautiful combo-🍳pan fried pork and chive: ooooo this was prettttyyyy good!! i love how they included the crispy base! super yum!- ✨fried golden buns with condensed milk: fluffy HEAVEN! these were too good oh my- no other words, in love - 🥤peach green tea and lemon tea: peach was wayyy too sweet but the lemon oh my, honestly the best lemon tea i’ve ever had, who knew i would find it in a dumpling restaurant?! it has a hint of Yuzu too!!🤤overall, i definitely recommend @impressivedumplings 🤤 incredible quality food and drinks! thank you for the invite again



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