About Us

Under the innovational retail setting, the ‘Internet + Catering’ model has influenced many ambitious entrepreneurs.

The founder of Impressive Dumplings is no doubt one of those. After more than three years of research and development, the unparalleled restaurant brand – Impressive Dumplings was found on 20th December 2019.

“Authentic “is the core value at Impressive Dumplings, and is what distinguishes it from its competitors. At Impressive Dumplings, we put customers first and provide customers with a pleasant dining experience.

We strive to rebuild and reshape customer’s impression on delicious authentic Chinese cuisine. At Impressive Dumplings, we use only the best ingredients:

  • Flour: selected Australian GEM premium wheat flour.
  • Cooking Oil: Cookers Queensland Canola Oil
  • Cooking Water: Purified water in all cooking
  • Meat: Top cut fresh meats
  • We Cook and serve wholeheartedly, to give you the taste to treasure.